Shiloh Dynasty

"Roads (Freestyle)"

Infintie N Beyond
[Verse 1]
Call me insane when I'm mentally insane, everyone telling me pick the frame in my brain everyone telling me my brain is insane that that the message in the brain, with depression and different things. Why do I have a headache when you need a medic? And I'm like independence I dont even know how to represent this, everyone telling me elegance or irrelevant, everyone telling me end this

[Verse 2]
Like the president is fighting for my life, and i'm like "Where's the evidence?" I don't see many prejudices on the street. Everyone telling me "You being rude, why you in the mood?". Everyone trying be rude and ruin my mind and I'm like I'm on the grind. Everyone telling me to die with them roads, and I'm ugly, and fat, and I'm like two [?] and I'm like everyone trying to devote

[Verse 3]
Everyone being rude to me [?]
Everything I don't wanna do, aye
Why am I not in the mood?
Because everyone trying to roast me to death
Everyone don't make no sense
Everyone showing me gang symbols
I don't wanna; make symbols of life
And I'm like death and a fight
Show my life [?]
I don't wanna listen to you complain
Cry in my bed

[Verse 4]
Ha, everyone telling me "take it slow"
I change it to high, and I change it to low
Cause I don't wanna give up anymore, aye
Everyone wanna fight with a life
And I'm like, my mind is messed up sometimes
So I have to keep it
Slow it down, and I'm like with a frown
And I'm walking around with a difference now
Everyone telling me keep the fight with the crown
And I'm like and I'm on top now
In a way
And I'm like everyone telling me this is a mistake
Why do I live? Why do I avid?

[Verse 5]
I'm just a kid, aye
Trying to energize life
When everyone telling me "Speed it up"
When I'm in my slow depressing mind
And I'm like everyone telling me to make these decisions
I'm like the visions
Everyone being mono-realistic
And I don't wanna follow this way, road
Because everyone's all alone, aye
When you're sad, with the money in the bag
In your head
Nothing else feeling anything else

I don't wanna stay in this road
Money, fame. Caught up everything else

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