Shiloh Dynasty

"​come through! (imagination)"


[Verse 1: Kid Cole]
My mind’s in a craze
Out in outer space
We go, we flow
It’s alright, til we out flown
And I’m out in the snow
And I can't go on, I pond-er
The f*cking wonders in my mind
So I’m like
Deaths at the scene, meth intervenes
Thoughts and my dreams, get shot in the screen
The love that she had, got tested at the green
And It don’t feel right, love outta sight
Cuts in my wrist, can’t see but I fight
On my next flight, til the pain will invest
Another life, where my veins full of stress
And the test, and the mess
And I, yuh, uh

[Interlude: Kid Cole & Shiloh Dynasty]
Show me, what we do
Imagination, hold me

[Verse 2: Kid Cole]
Numb the pain
Run and aim
Put a f*cking bullet in f*cking brain
I’m insane, leave me tame
Or I might just f*cking slay
Hate this sh*t In my f*cking chest, and makes me depressed
That I’m still obsessed, with every single second that went by
You can tell a lie, but the truth always comes out
Don’t really know why you wanna have me down
You can talk all that sh*t, you won’t ever see a frown
I’ve been through more than you imagine
I could be the president, I can slay the dragon
You some bad fruit, so you gonna rot like sh*t
I’m a f*cking tree and I blossom like it

[Verse 3: Kid Cole]
Staring at the sky, but I ain’t ever gonna see truth
I ain’t mad God, I’m mad at f*cking you
(Hold up!)
So many perspective, electives in our world order
How is it that a quarter is the symbol of unity
What scrutiny
Mass mutiny
What a disgrace
Trump is out of place
Committing mad crimes, I don’t see a trace?
But a black man walks on the street and catch a case?
f*ck, y’all enslaved, and paved the road for this prejudice
Imma make a new beginning like its genesis
Thomas Edison, innovating and penetrating world forces
Bodying you, now you corpses
The force is, of course it's intercourse with, celebrity models that are valued at the top
What about the artists, nah let em flop
This is muthaf*ckin' genocide with a better eye, homicide, I’mma go to the back, get a Strap and a Mac and attack, make it strap

[Outro: Kid Cole]
I love and appreciate every single one of you
You all mean the world to me
A great man once said those exacts words
I say them too
That man forever changed my life
Hopefully I can change yours

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