Shiloh Dynasty


Worse things comes to worse
I f*cking die a tragic death or some sh*t, and
I'm not able to see out my dreams come true
I, at least, wanna know that the kids perceive my message
And were able to make something of themselves
And able to take my message
And use it and turn it into something positive
And try to have at least a good life

[Verse 1]
I just need to be alone right now
I'm so numb to the world right now
It's like I wanna live, but then I let my head down
Just wishing that these people could really feel my pain right now
Now you see me smile (Huh)
But I'm really just lost tryna find myself right now
So please pay attention
What I say is all real when I write it down
I wanna stand up, but I'm falling back down
And my life's crashing down
Wondering what I'm gonna do now
What am I gonna do next?
I'm tryna pull myself, and tell these people I'm the next best
But I'm really just stressed and depressed
So I light another cigarette
With ten papers worth of aggress'
And I'm writing in my car 'til the sun sets
And I'm playing these beats 'til the feeling gets—surreal
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