Shiloh Dynasty


(Shiloh Dynasty)
Love is the same where your heart is
It doesnt matter who you are
Tell me my heart is
Same as your heart is
It doesnt matter who you are

People come and go
Sheeple don't even know
Where to go
Fear blinds the eyes of people
Praying to the steeple
Making sure to take care of my people
Looking through the galaxy peep hole
What's wrong with everyone can't they see tho
Things are coming to and end
We to tend not to lend but to spend
Why do we bend does anyone wanna be my friend
I said i love you till the end
This text won't send I think its for the best
Gods putting me to the test
I dont know what to put my faith in
Maybe it's too late I am satan
Ship has left it sailing
Always gotta win never failing
I'm hollering and wailing
Why can't anybody hear me
I'm in pain please see me
You can tell by my eyes
They won't tell you lies
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