Lil Xtra


[Verse 1]
Everything is wrong now
Nothin' left for me
All my friends are gone now
And it’s storming
Sounds like a tin roof
Motherf*ckin' pouring
And I’m f*cked up (f*cked up)
And I’m let down (let down)
It's probably best if you think that I’m a pest now
You can find me at home on my own
With a blunt up in my hand
And my money in the escrow
Everything is worse now
Ain’t nobody miss me
Go and call the hearse now
For the black sheep
Hit the party hard, then we leavin' with a nosebleed
Now I’m f*cked up (f*cked up)
And she’s let down (let down)
It's probably best if we just give it a rest now
Back to basics
I f*ckin' hate this
Find a way to heal one day
With some patience
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