Lil Xtra


[Verse 1]
You said goodbye
Packed up your things
And flew over the sea
You said you’d return in the spring
Oh, you said you’d return to me
But when you returned it wasn’t the same
You looked like an angel, glass eyes so fragile
And I wondered what could have changed
But you said it’s fine, I’m alright
I swear this is normal she’s not my type
No, I just need to go home
I need to be alone for a while
I need to be alone for a while

[Verse 2]
And oh what a year that must have been
I wish I could ask every detail about the things you saw and what could have changed your mind
And I heard your sister found you
In the oak tree that we used to climb through
And your parents chopped it down
But she said it’s time for me to discover that sometimes life is alright
It’s not good it’s not bad it’s just fine
Said everything was alright
But you lied
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