Lil Xtra

"Where You Want to Be"

Backwoods on the front lawn, say I'm alright
But it's all wrong, no I'm not fine
Shaking like a fault line
All my fault, right? Yeah
Only happy when I'm recognized online
I've gotta quit wasting my time
Gotta quit chasing your light
Getting high all night
I can't stay high for my whole life, yeah
But I will try

[Verse 1]
Everybody knows that it's my fault
That I fell asleep on the sidewalk
No sleepwalking
Too f*cked up for talking
Pretty soon being I'll be an outline made of chalk (yeah, yeah)
I'm gonna die soon
And when I do
I hope that you know it's not about you
Turns out I didn't know enough about you
Turns out the world don't revolve around you

But in my head everything's bad
Everything's wrong
Everything's sad
Been way too long I felt like that
Pandemic vibes, miss Mom and Dad
And the little lost pleasures I once had
Is the measure of my life really my stacks?
Whether or not you're better off in my bed
I want to love what I treasure and clear my head
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