Kickin back smoking bud with my trio brothers
Another day in the ville can you feel the summer
Heat beating down my back eyes low on attack
Lookin for that thunder chicken can you help us find a bag
What’s the word young brotha I thought you had connects
Spread the word round the town that I’m charging for respect
Aiming straight for the neck kill shot who’s next
If you wanna start some static better get it off ya chest
No eye rollin The game has just been blessed to me
Chipped tooth fat Mack out here trying to live my dream
Get it by any means I’m just trying to get the cream
Hit it big before I die
Steady chasing Getty green
Twisted out look life’s a crook if you shook
Rumble in the southern jungle
Kiss the mutha f*ckin hook
To ya nose cross ya jaw
Daddy always fought the law
Follow in his footsteps
I ain’t scare to face’em all
Never fall I’m on the run
Under the sun
What’s a man suppose to do guess I’ll hunt just for the fun
Smoke a cigarette with no regret it’s the life that I chose whatcha know about the strife all the pain comes at night
Get the last laugh cause I’m the joker got a succubus next to me pulling on her choker
Heading back to my grave bring it back to the dungeon
Setting up another plot for the whole worlds destruction


I’d say I’m back on my sh*t
Mane every I time bust a rhyme my chubby grows a lil bigger
It’s like
Damn where’d you get them skills can I copy that?
Hell naw mothaf*cka
You can kiss my ass
It’s the three comin thick for the summer
With somethin different from others
There ain’t no way you could touch on the style
Just walk a mile in these shoes and maybe then you’ll see, hell
We still ain’t lookin for peace
Aww yeah
Baker go on and pass that junt
Tenngage brother turn up the bump
Let’s get high
Ill take another dab to the face
I’m tryna float with the birds
And ease my problems
For the moment bring it back
Right to the time when I was younger
Kickin rocks with a blunt in my hand
A drink in the other
I had no task in mind
That’s how we lived in the gutter
Until I passed the line
And now I’m older and I’ve lost my mother
That’s the word of the sane
I f*ckin hate this 9 to 5
Yet still Im workin to make all my payments
Do your job and be a man
That’s what my pops would say
Youngin let’s save the cryin for a another day
They claim I’m crazy well I might just be
And if it runs in our genes then I’m infected to the bone baby
But Im gon’ keep on pushin forward
To my destination
Get out the way

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