Slidin rollin swangin
Bringin that real sh*t
When I’m on the track

Do yo thang pimpin
Just don’t get caught up
I heard ya lost inside a pickle
Tryna steal a run
It’s always someone bound
To jip ya
But I keeps that gauge c*cked
And ready to blast a dirty busta
When they f*cks with me

These jealous ass b*tches
They always want a piece
Of the money
Ya bad for business
That’s why I send
Em whiffin
Be gone thot
Get good at
Kickin rocks
I gots no time
To be wastin
I’m racin for the top

Ridin through the
Smokin on a junt
Scopin drillin breakin
Down these snitches
Cause I love to hunt
And if ya really wanna problеm
I’mma serve the platе
Don’t underestimate the
I’m off the chain

I tote a license to kill
Merkin these beats
They be like poppa
Sign my titties
Where’d you get them skills
Workin the evenings
With the schemin
Steady keepin that pressure
I never skipped a meal
We can take this
Anywhere ya wanna
Come and grab a ticket
It’s a trip
I’ve earned my place
Inside this prison
Now I set the deals
Just use some caution
When ya messin with
Big hydra baby
I been a master
In my field
Cause I be crazy
With the rhythm
Slidin rollin swangin
Bringin that real sh*t
When I’m on the track

Respect a playa when you meet him
I got 99 problems
But my style
Ya couldn’t bleed it
I’m heavy with the range
That’s why I stuff the industry
I told em hold this foot right
In yo ass
I’m still a sinna g
These shiesty crooked lookin jakes
They want the jump
But this I can’t do
I thought ya mightve seen the news
Yeah we got the scoop
Unless ya ready to catch the
Let the crow spit
The 615 is on the move
It’s lose or win

I’mma get my cheese
And as I mitigate
The misery that clouds
My mind
Just watch me demonstrate
An underground certified
Mic rippa
I told ya hoe
That’s how I’m with it
Cause I be
Slidin rollin swangin
Bringin that real sh*t
When I’m on the track
Breakin wimps
Crackin necks
The fakin
I won't go for that
Vibin with my brother
In the cave
Stackin up the dough
You blow the mids
We puff the sticky
That’ll make ya choke

Don’t cross the click
It’s bad for business
Y’all ain’t gettin no credit
Them bills you floss
Been counterfeited
These greedy stank
They tryna act like
Somethin clever
Yet ya lackin weight
But I be slidin rollin swangin
Mane thats safe to say
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