Big L


[Verse 1] Big L
Ayo, I shoulda been out
I'm deadly when I pull the pen out
Keep frontin’, I'mma try yo' chin out
I knocked a lot of men out
I left ’em on the floor spittin' phlegm out
It's either that or I'mma squeeze the gat and pop ten out
You see Corleone, ice spinnin', jigged out, white linen
And if a b*tch don't like me she must like women
Every time I come around you see your wife grinnin'
Don't be mad ’cuz yo’ career's in the ninth innin’
It's over now, n*gga, leave the game
I'm from the danger zone where emcees get slain
Where thugs'll never hesitate to squeeze the flame
Where n*ggas be takin’ drugs just to ease the pain
Hustlers flip cokey, 48 Hours like Nick Nolte
When I was OT, yo b*tch wrote me
First day home I dived in it
Left her thighs dented
Now that b*tch be pagin' me every five minutes
Emcees I squash and disgrace, it's all about the Benjis
So why your bills got Washington's face?
A lot of cats be frontin'
Mad singles wit' a fifty on top
L tryin' to have the city on lock
Peace to Biggie and Pac 'cuz they really were hot
Rap game, heavy hitters, it's a shame they no longer wit' us
n*ggas wanna be L, ladies wanna see L
If I go to jail you'll wear a shirt sayin' "Free L!"

[Verse 2] Kai Cole
My fist been up, loud like the weed that I bill up
Blowing cos I feel like a sinner, what's the deal with our n*ggas
Being picked out by the system?
Stuck cos society just see em as a villain so
Chilling ain't something i'm used to
I can show a fed my I.D and be dead on a YouTube
Video, I ain't kidding bro it's nothing new to
Men with a lot of melanin, that's the truth too
So free L, free all my brothers in the cycle
Being whitewashed like we Michael and
See Jack's son got more privilege than Tyrone
That's the same sh*t, cos we stuck in a cycle
Its time that I spoke up, wait lemme roll up, hol up
Now i'll spit up some gold dust, cro just
Been legalised in the US
But you is dumb if you ain't seeing how they do it
Eagle 20 on my 20 bag, or how they getting cash
Off the same sh*t that got my n*gga Remy bagged
Freedom as a black male fam they never had
You can say its medicine and they ain't ever taking that
Double standards, duffel in my hands it's
Carrying the burden of society's false branding
Cos Brandon, will never step into my shoes
So i'll keep saying free us till they f*cking do

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