Big L

"Return Of The Devils Son"

(Verse 1)
I restrain the story, check it out
Aiyyo five slash three o slash seven fo' (5-30-74)
A little bro' was born with the mind of a psycho
They first knew I was a crazy n*gga
When my mother came home and found out I killed the
I did more crime in due time
Started my life of crime, about nine going out for mine
I made every little kid from my hood run
I was just like that little bast*rd from the Good Son
And my mind was cashbumped
Dropped the blowdryer in the water while my moms in the
Then I just saluted as she electrocuted
They got booted cause that's whenever I executed
I was a child runnin' wild like a goosechase
Punish my dad I put poison in his toothpaste
Then I pick my elder sister up gave her a quick spank
Then tied the little b*tch in the fish tank
I invited company, murdered the four guests
Put a cap in each whole chest and ate their raw flesh
I tell the truth I ain't lyin' man
And right now I got my cousin Brian man in a fryin' pan

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