"#FreestyleFridays (24-04-2020)"

Mamazala re on
They calling me the don
It was rocky, but we made it no Sylvester Stallone
Money made on the phone, the new sh*t we on
18 Area, top scorer, Maradona
Been Major League, I don’t need putting on
Still about the cheese ake ringe le magotlo
I don’t do frees, after this ko charga choko
So tell Stogie T, I only did it cause I’m bored
Get it choko bored?
Nah they won’t get it, cuz batshabile dikolo
Hennessy blokco, your wifey,stocko
I get all the numbers, I should probably try lotto
Please no photo, tshwara tseya tjotjo
Man I’m finally famous even cops need a photo
Still no mjolo, BM, four-door
Feature from Cass, I need a ghost no lesilo
And I did it all in one year 2019
Now I got b*tches trynna f*ck with my quarantine
FaceTime call, why ontsh*tse motete
Onyaka two block, ke mavuso ako Pheli
Long as you keep your legs apart, Mask On
And sanitize before I put the Durex on
Damn I’m in the zone
I might need a clone
Cuz I been too nice since I was in the womb
Ase trap ke tsa ko kasi better say it all in full
Number one , no Mageu, Maradona tsiki yohh
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