"Pray 4 Me"

[Verse 1: Sevin]
If I could open up my heart and reveal it I would
And express my love for all that's concealed in the hood
I'd even introduce my foes to the Rose of Sharon
And guide them over a road that's cold and barren
Like Moses and Aaron, I'd do away with all the violence
To my n*ggas locked down, still in claws and riots
I'd teach them to praise God just like Paul and Silas
I'd break the curse of poverty, we'd get all them dollars
Round up the little ghetto children put them all through college
This H.O.G. M.O.B. I'm here for God you can keep your cheddar
They say my words can reach the curb, I'm a speak forever
It's all ministry man why can't we be unique together
You do your thing, I do mine
But love is blind so we preach together
It's time to stand up body of Christ, ain't y'all tired of sittin?
It's people poverty stricken dying while we politickin
I see a lot of trickin, lot of gossip, lot of frontin
How you plan to be like Christ if you ain't down to die for something

[Outro: Sevin]
Somebody got to pray, know what I'm saying?
Do something, get up off your tail feather man put some work in! That's real talk I'm out here doing my best you know what I'm saying
Working with what I was given you know what I'm saying
I can only play the hand that I was dealt you know
Don't judge me man, pray for me man
I understand my methods might be a little unorthodox you know what I'm saying
But my heart is in the right place though you know, I understand What they going through I'm going through it with them
Everyday man, I'm really out here you know
Struggling, gritting, and grinding for this man
Wasn't nothing handed to me dog I had to work for this
It's nothing I picked up my cross and keep pushing on
I encourage all y'all to do the same
Don't worry about nothing else around you
You know what I'm saying
Don't worry about who's talking about you
They going to talk whether you successful or not
Your the only one that's going to have to deal with failure man
And that's real, God Bless You!
This is H.O.G. M.O.B

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