If i call would you answer your phone
Or would you rather see me die alone
If i try to make you understand
Would you follow through with the plans
Ive been trying
Ive been looking in the mirror
Ive been looking for you baby
I can see you clear
Ive been looking for the momnent that you wanna to leave benhind
I already understand
I already i already know this time
You ain't gonna play the games that you use to play
You ain’t gonna touch those times
We ain't gonna touch the grey
I already know you hate me
And theres no leaving this
I already know there no believing this
I already know that you wana lie
I already know that you wanna see me cry
I already know that your demonized
You already know that your filled with all those lies
Baby now its your time
Baby now its your time
Now its your time
Do as you please
Dont you try to use me
Ima probably fall again
But thats on you
And i dont mind what you say
Cause i dont have a clue
So why dont you just let me live this life
Baby youve been stabbing me in this back the whole time
Ive been looking in your face
I can see it in your eyes
I already know that you hate me this time
My heart is falling into these pieces
Now i have to look at you for the reason
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