​gianni & kyle


[Verse 1: Gianni]
You've been acting like I never cared but it's hard for me, for me
See the women all you do is just compare 'cause you can't believe, believe
But that's how you fall apart
Feel like somebody else
We had a change of thought
Only when time could tell
But I know you tried, I tried too
What's the point of tryna fight with nothing to fight through?
But now i'm lying

[Chorus: Gianni]
What do you mean that I'm the one playing games?
What do you mean that all these feelings ain't the same?
What do you mean that you and I grew apart?
I can't control it, don't you play with my heart
What do you mean that I'm the one that don't try? (Don't try)
What do you mean, I thought that you were ride or die? (Or die)
What do you mean, I thought that we had the keys?
Drive like it's stolen, don't go breaking on me, on me

Don't go breaking on me
On me, on me

[Verse 2: Kyle]
Yeah, guess I changed out of seasons
That's why you put me on block
We said "I love you" and now we don't talk
Don't jump the ship when the going gets tough
I was gonna take your left hand and put on a rock
You were my right hand, I put you on top
And you put me drop
Put me on stop
Now that I caught a buzz
That's when you called my phone
I'm on the up and up
I did this on my own
And it couldn't be a better damn time for it
Drop school put my life right on the line for it
6 years and I failed 6 times for it
Ain't a walk in the park
Me and Gianni had to wait in line for it
So you lie to yourself when you lie to me
Drunk calls when you cry to me
But Dad always told me that I had a drive but I never thought that you wouldn't ride for me
So we really did it on our own
Living home to home to home
Ex girl laughing when I told her that one day I'll be on
That's the reason she out of my phone
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