"Every Time Around"

[Verse 1]
Thinking back to phase one
With rolling mallets and the bass drums
Early hours in the drive-thru
Playing early di
We found ourself in stage three
Observing murals dotting Lake Street
With every story comes a stalemate
When you've been living in a failed state

The night gets cold but there's smoke in the clouds
Having trouble sleeping and it's stressing me out
The words, they fall short of something profound
But everytime I'm with you I'm just glad you're around
How's this sound?

[Verse 2]
Way out in programmatic sets of three
We keep the time and music sets thе scene
What's after thе dream?
My point of reference is the north-end sky
Sometimes the synthesizer makes me cry
We'll dance for a while

Two, three, four
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