"Précis Two"

[Verse 1: Ivy Sole]
Sitting on your shoulders slidin'
Gravity on my side again
Tracin' down your spine until
The lace is on the floor


[Verse 2: Ivy Sole]
You even got a boyfriend, yeah
But the mattress cool
Last time I checked
The last time that I slid through

We were discussing where we head once it's over
Hard as hell to keep my composure
When the miles disappear
And the inches accrue
With your lips on my neck and the rest of you too

[Verse 3: Ivy Sole]
I shake my ancients and vision
And outer sanctum of world we crafted from pages
Apples, Adams, and ages
How loving you was a cadence
How loving me makes me braver
Courage beyond a ballad
Ain't no way they can tame us
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