Nonso Amadi


You know our lifestyle busy so we're always on the go


You know my line stay busy coz we're always on the phone

Eugy official

My girl you're too fine
(So damn fine)
So glad that you're mine
I'll pull your body close in tight
You say you're ready for tonight
My love for you, bright
I go ride for you, life
I'll put your mind in to it right
I try to play as cool as ice

You know that feeling when you love some body
That special feeling to know that you're for me
You gave this meaning when no one else could see it
Just wanna be your peace of mind

We're in the mood get in the zone
Every time she come on over we get it on
From the door to the sofa she letting go
Body controller she love the flow
All of the things she loves to do
Don't matter if it's in the crib or it's in the coupe
Pretty girl you know me glad you're mine
The way you whine up you're so fine so fine
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