Dave East

"Who got the hype (killa Hill)"

Killa hill, killa killa hill (x8)

Bare the venom of the snake
Got your hood scared straight
Here comes the new addition
To your hip hop tapes
In the flesh
Kickin somethin brand new
Huffin skunk
Thats even funkier
Than Pepe le piu
From the depths of the killa
To the top i now boom
Wildin from staten island
Comes the porous shotgun
Can't forget bobby
If i did i feel gyped
Like my sandwhich
Ain't a sandwhich
Without miracle whip
Im here to wake up mc's
Who say that staten ain't strong
You damn near in a coma
You been sleepin for so long
Get tookin whether in brooklyn
Or the island of stat
Get pits
For taking sh*t
No whatter where you at
Where you go
When you choose to roam
While in rome
Act like the romans
Before you never get home
You playin foolish
I dont see how you survive
Treated just like an outlaw
Wanted dead or alive

Who got the hype(x5)
Killa hill, killa killa hill(x4)

Killa hill, killa killa hill (x8)

Who got the hype(x4)

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