Dave East


Soundin' like it's 'post to, n*gga

[Verse 1]
I won't break the code, young n*gga tryin' not to die
We just prayed that we'd get old
My n*ggas is gone
If they not in the field, I won't put their name in a song
I been in the zone
Calling my n*ggas from jail, just praying they pick up the phone
Tried to get n*ggas to come get it with me
If they was too busy, I'll get it alone
Watch how you approach
Young n*gga drunk in a Ghost
I'm blessed like I run with the pope
If I'm on a yacht, got my gun on a boat
I'm not like you n*ggas, ain't wanna be broke
When it got cold, I wanted a coat
My uncle was tripping, he wanted some dope
I'm tryna be the richest lil' n*gga you know
This paper get thrown, see who pick up the most
I was with killer, momma didn't know
This might be the realest sh*t I never wrote
I got it, just know it fit inside my coat
So many feelings spilling out my soul
Ran outta product, we was dealing soap
I'm just being modest, I can get it low
Don't care who the hottest, n*gga, this is Loc
Pull up in Prada, prolly with your hoe
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