Pay attention, and keep that mind straight
Keep in-line for what is right and not what is wrong for f*ck sake
Held back for so long, I reached deep it’s all gone
Think that you feel strong, but that’s not where you belong
The constant emotions, and feelin so helpless
Im stuck in motion, they seamin so carless
I never give up, what the f*ck do I do?
I’ll never invest in this youth...
As long as breathe and I’m reppin the name that’s only thing that I can lose


You f*ckin with a killa since a kid, b*tch where my money at?
Get the f*ck up out yo feelings, bouta be a bloodbath
Hoe this the beginning, it's a hit if T.R.I.P. is on the track
f*ck you and your features, we don't need it to get on the map uh
Why you running? UAV is coming yeah
You can't escape, once that plague is summoned
Beating'em with a cleaver, then c*ckin that f*cken choppa back
Put'em in the dirt then back to stacking up my f*cking cash

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