Burning with the burner b*tch I mob wit my n*ggas
I got the semi automatic wit a Manual transmission
b*tch I’m wolf, you a dog barking all that sh*t
You rolling wit a bunch of pussies claiming that they legit
It’s young T.R.I.P. never trippin on a hoe ass b*tch
I gotta keep that pistol grip Incase a b*tch run they lips
I gotta get that f*ckin money just to blow on the whip
You caught me rollin through yo city throwing up that triple 6
I’ll take yo b*tch up to a sacred place
And let her tell me all the fake sh*t you pussies claim
Sacrificing my haters then I f*ckn let it spray
UNAVERAGE gang and Nijalveli will have these pussies just turning in they grave hoe


Still havin visions, ownin my decisions
Mothaf*ckas try to get in our way as we lay down the percision
In addition, one thing that everbody keep forgettin
UNAVERAGE GANG in this b*tch and we stayin persistant
Long days, long nights, we give every ounce
Just grind, work hard, lets make this sh*t count
Key to success is to havin a motive
The world is full of haters and distractions, Vague how you stayin so focused?
If you haven't noticed, i'm never open that should of been noted
The only person that knows it, be the person that wrote it
Scripture covered in roses and next to the lotus
Find a another motherf*cker like us, proven to be so devoted


Hope they know if n*ggas snitch the chop wil make him float
And his b*tch get hit by me or poach slid that to my bro
I was Trapping dope back when I had minutes on the phone
You know I had the sh*t n*ggas took one hit and they was gone
I’m bout to pick me a freak up
After I drop lil zeke off
I really been sticking to the g code
n*ggas been sleep in the streets tho

I got my clientele geeked tho
Shoot em light work like free throws
I really had xans and the grow op
Hit up soto and got the fro chop

n*ggas all drama like soap ops
Aim for the top like a Mohawk
Still lick yo crib if the door locked
I got some work put away at my whore spot
Capping get you and your boy cropped

Unaverage gang you know we on top
Trip make you flip with that pole dog
Vague get you hit in the dome pop
We in this b*tch so it don’t stop

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