f*ck yo feelings homie
I give a f*ck about opinions or your story brodie
I’ll f*ck yo b*tch and burn her soul inside the purgatory
You think I give a f*ck of what you b*tches think about me?
b*tch f*ck your judgements cause, i’m spitting on your f*cking grave
Y’all should know the f*ckin name it’s UNAVERAGE GANG
We blowing up like a mothaf*ckin hand grenade
Yung T.R.I.P. the grave digger out of f*ckin Vegas
Two legends in the making

If I murder mothaf*ckaz then it’s going to be a goodnight
Leave a mothaf*ckin dead with a steel knife
Running and gripping my 9 till they all die
Real eyes realize that you all lie
I been a savage since 7
UAV be the one that is ending your session
No second guessing
This that mothaf*ckin gang land affiliation


187, 187, 187, 187


You burn within, cause I bring the sin
I open doors just to let it in
You won’t find, what you can’t find
And you b*tches hide with them flawed minds
This sh*t a joke with a little bit hate and a little bit of hope
This the life I chose, I accelerate on the roads I know
I lived enough that I lashed out on what the f*ck was passed out
This f*cken is game is trash now
And filled up with these cash clowns
Unaverage always holds down, and fix with what we wrote down
Your feelings don’t mean sh*t now, we on the top and won’t drown

All the haters wanna do is talk sh*t, and di*k ride, never wanna accomplish sh*t
No drive, where the f*ck is all grave-diggers
Bet you mothaf*ckas gonna flee the scene when I pull the trigger
Never gonna stop me now
Better think when you talkin down
Stand yo ground
It’s that UAV gang sh*t and we lock it down


187, 187, 187, 187
187, 187, 187, 187

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