Devil on my shoulder
Don’t you understand
It will be all over
UAV represents
Can you feel the horror?
One day you’ll have your chance
Cause it’s gettin warmer
If you try to get a glance
Many will die, we gon keep goin
So we can survive
Leaving the fakes and the ones that’ll lie
Moving forward wavin roaches goodbye
I hope you go down that road
Just take what I know
When advice is given, you take it
Put effort soon you’ll outgrow


Yung trip stay tucked with that strap
Talkin sh*t I make your head splat
They think slick with yapping b*tch
You better watch your back
All black when I creep with that axe
Got my b*tch only f*ck from the back
We the realist gang that’s no cap
UAV been on the map
Lately mothaf*ckaz been acting like they been simpin
Take a trip inside my brain
I’ll show you what you been missin
I’m so sadistic i’m not kidding
I’ll bring panic and villains
A whole demonic f*ckin village
Filled up with my gorillas and killing pigs
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