Bunny Thot lyrics



(Oh my God, Baba)

Baby I'm heartless, don't get me started, you gon be left with your heart broke
Your friends think I'm gorgeous, built like an artist, time to get sold in an art show
I pulled up the last, five, nights, calling my Uber like usual, huh
Girl get a clue, don't read the room, you the next boatload of cargo, uh

[Verse 1]
Watch me, girl best take your time
Cause we know this going in, but enjoy the ride
I've been, stress-free in my frame of mind
Don't trip, don't flip, when we say goodbye
You be caught up trying to save a temporary flame
Planning anniversaries to the extreme
Fantasizing bout a diamond wedding ring
Girl step out of your dreams
Baby I get it, you say that I'm wicked, you think I'm a menace, my heart cold as stone
But really it isn't, that's you catching feelings, you hurt and offended, you mad I went ghost
Cause girl you was down bad bad bad
I done dipped out fast fast fast
Only pulled up just for a minute, came through with the clap clap clap

[Chorus 2]
Cause baby I'm heartless, don't get me started, she tell her friends I'm a monster
Best move with caution, y'all end up sobbing, baby I'm just being honest
You was just next on the list, had no intentions to cuff you
Go get a clue, go ahead move, better be gone by the morning
Cause baby I'm monstrous, I got no conscience, I leave you crying and sobbing
You better be cautious, you'll end up heartless, I'm never making a promise
I pulled up to clap, that's it, did that it's on to the next
Girl get a clue, I'm not into you, I'm packing my bags then I'm gone sis
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