Capital Bra


[Chorus, LEA]

If we love each other, why we hurt each o-the-eer?
I know, I've exaggerated, I don't want you to le-eave
You screamed on me and I blamed you for this
And a neighbor from above dialed nine, one, one
Man, if we love each other
Why it hurts us so mu-uch

[Verse 1, Capital Bra]
And when they tell you, "sh*t on him, he is crazy"
Ask me about anything, and I will show you all my cards
And you can lose yourself for me
I would never let you lose
Yes, I've been there for you
,when everyone hated you ?
I know, I will share everything with you, even if I have not much
But you know, this is no love, it's a matter of honor
b*tches, who like me and who write to me
Yes, I know, that you don't give a f*ck about them
However, they're blind b*tches
No clue, I think only about you
I want show you all my feelings, but I can not
I think, you should know, that I have no bad intentions
And that's why, I send you this message
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