Ayo I'm a good guy, I do good things, give to the poor, love my girl but somebody's telling me that I gotta be saved, so please tell me man why I gotta be saved?

Ayo Mr Goodie Goodie - Living Out Loud it's not about your works, we saved by Grace, the Christian life is a relation-ship
Romans 10:9 now confess Jesus as Lord!

Now that I'm born again, How do I live a life that glorifies Him, I just wanna live for Jesus, please man, tell me how to do this Man?

So you gotta learn about Him, talk about Him. Be a witness kubanzako! Unashamed for the Gospel, set an example, Talk the talk - and walk the talk!
Get a living!


I'm Young, Rich, Wealthy - earn a lot money - I love God - merchant! I trade business - I get busy! I don't wanna be greedy in the kingdom, tell me how can I use my money?

Matthew 6:33 - seek first the Kingdom of God and all things gon' be added to you - you take your time ndaba satana azakusiliza monga siliza ndrama zako!

You know I'm a Christian now, chilling with my old friends when we talking music and religion - they say ndise baku Church - So how can I reach out to them without being a Hypocrite?

My people perish for lack of Knowledge
You got to study for you to grow rich & be skillful in relations- conversations
With people of a lifestyle of Christ


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