"Airhead Dealers (Martin Exposed Disstrack)"

Yo, we didn't want to come to this Martin. U made it happen Thanks

[Verse 1, Grant]
Martin is a bot, our bars are so hot the girls are not
Just bought a new rolley put on my wrist, I'm punch u with my fist
Martin out here with the iPhone X
I looked at your text, who is Alex? He finna be next

Give em to the girls give em to the guys
But not us guess we ain't prized

[Verse 2, Grant]
Boy u lost my pencil in five minutes
I can't even type a sentence I not gonna try
I'ma fry on this beat how Aidan beats his meat
Now you are defeat i_isaac on the beat Martin is a cheat
Quizlet Live, you carry your team but the fame is dream
I am so lean, sorry if I'm mean, just do it for the team
Ladies finna scream, make some Ice cream
Eat it all up in a cup, Martin is just a pup, he really knows whats up

I don't make money off airheads
I don't try to get girls with airheads
'Cause you can't afford em beds
I got a cute girl didn't take any candy
Say i'm a frog, but I'm a rattlesnake
Got racks on my hand
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