Tactical nuke
I pull up like saddam
Making all these pussies flinch
Just by dropping a song
Yeah ill eat and f*ck my b*tch
Dis sh*t ain't ramadan
Khe san
Air this b*tch out
Like its vietnam
Kick the door down
n*gga like im going to work
Baddest b*tch
Yeah ill get up on the stage and i twerk
Skull knight
Eyes red like this sh*t was berserk
f*ck drake
Everyday including weekends i work
When i see the bands
I get to milly rockin
Drop a new song
See my fans diddy bopping
Hating n*ggas staying busy sucking
When they watching
Pull up to my show
n*gga we could get it poppin
sh*t this beat hittin like a
Tactical nuke
Why you mad at me
Gon make a rack in the booth
n*gga jealous indepеndence
Got em smacking thеy tooth
In they videos they smiling
While they passin the boof
In the whip mad as f*ck
All black like im a villain
Why you flexing all these guns
pus*y who the f*ck you killing
Im vegeta in this sh*t
The rest of you n*ggas is krillin
Ay get it how you live
Do it all just to fit in
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