Plane lyrics



Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Delta Airlines flight 29-98 bound for Atlantic Georgia with continued service to [?] the national airport
All carry-on items should now be stowed securely, either in an overhead bed or under the seat in front of you
All aisles, exits and [?] should now be clear

Just finished getting boarded
Now I'm out in orbit
Every moment the bag is taking the [?]
I took my carry-on overhead in the cargo vent
The couplе next to me is having a heatеd argument
From what I get, I think she's frustrated
Both of them just got engaged, but each [?] just did it
I get what she's sayin', I guess it's sort of petty
But I see what he's sayin' too, they may not be ready
Anyway, I swivel in to my window seat
And I think that it'd be cool to have some tiny little swing sets
Hanging off the shiny metal winglets
f*ck a [?], you ain't even had nothing to drink yet
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