"Kill (Can’t Fade Me Demo)"

I am a cool and mellow man
Always got a plan
Coping out problems
Every time I can
Like to be known as a great communicator
If you got beef don’t save it for later

Pleasure to meet you
I’m mister logic
What’s in my mind
Let’s not dodge it
Keeping it cruel cause I am able
Able to be stable

I am a manicured swinger
Known to talk sh*t
I really can’t remember
But somebody got hit
Even as I do it
I know I do it wrong
I bet I could control it
But the urge is so strong

I battle evil weekly, monthly, yearly
But every step I take
The devil stays near me
There’s a voice in my head that takes control
What I said about being stable
It’s all bull

I am a nervous wreck
I can’t sit still
Always on the verge of mentally ill
Nine times out of ten
Can’t sleep past sunrise
Trying all night
Close my eyes

I got news for you
It ain’t nothing nice
We all got demons
We all got a vice
The struggle never ends
To keep it in check
But I’ll never stop trying
To make the trek
What up

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