Teflon Sega

"All The Things"

[Verse 1]
Things were getting dark
Man you could feel the energy
Darker than my cup
With the cola and the Hennessey
Right from the start
I knew she would be the end of me
If I stayed around
Would've ended like a Kennedy
Had to put the pills down
Start to think clearly
Just like Miley Cyrus in that
Episode of Black Mirror
Still I'll be the best dressed laying in a casket
Fresh to death she did me like Carol Baskins
Put your cup down middle fingers in the air
If someone ever made you want to disappear
Made you feel like sh*t
When you looked in the mirror
But now you don't give a f*ck
'Cause you left them in the rear yeah

All the things that you would say
Used to ruin my day
But now they won't
No, they won't
All the things that you would do
Made me lose my cool
But now they don't
Now they don't
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