Curtis Jackson lyrics




[Verse 1: C Stunna]
n*gga get me mad, get on the 'Gram and post a Curtis Jackson
That's a fifty just in case you askin'
Jit, I feel like A.I. when I'm ballin', I don't need no practice
Ho just threw it on me in the strip, damn near tricked off the backend
Back-to-back black trucks, they lookin' like, "Where the hell Joe Biden?"
Jit, lil' bruh got rich, you f*ck with us, you can't do no hiding
Trap house filled up with fish and slips, come and choose your liking
b*tch, I got en route just in time like a f*cking Viking
Maybach GLS, feel like it's Sky Zone when I'm in the whip
Ho keep askin' me 'bout other hoes, I'm tired of this lil' b*tch
Fresh up out the mall, racks for the 'fit, I ain't even post the drip
Jits 'round me wan' smoke, they favorite rapper damn near Nardo Wick
n*gga, I'm a diamond in the rough, you boys is morcanite
I know n*ggas that slide, swing, and shoot, boy, that's triple Mike
Walked up out the bank with so much cheese, they think I pulled a heist
I done did so much dirt in my life, I'll take it up with Christ
Last year I was in Booby Trap throwin' ones with Drizzy 'dem
Mortal Kombat switch up on the glick, hop out and finish him
Amiri jeans too tight, this twenty-ball can't do no fittin' in
Boy, that jit C Stunna fly as f*ck, ain't no one trim as him
Tellin' me to pick a side, is you gon' die for me?
She say I'm the only one, ho is you lyin' to me?
Got this n*gga b*tch inside Suburbans playin' hide-and-seek
Jeweler sayin' twenty for the watch, you think this time is free?
I'm in love with high fashion, nothin' on me cheap
Ho just know to keep it P if she got hit by Q or C
b*tch, I jumped up off the porch and took a major leap
Tied in everywhere, these n*ggas know just not to play with me
[Verse 2: Skrilla]
Back-to-back, matte black the trucks, I had to swap the VIN (Brr)
Shootouts in broad day, I slime my slatt, no, that is not my kin (Brrt)
Honey bun stuffed in the mattress, feelin' like I'm Future 'nem (Nah, for real)
Shooters always right beside me, opps, know what to do with them (Huh?)
Break a n*gga down, Kit Kat, switch break a n*gga bones (Hey, come here)
How the f*ck you tryna diss the dead, ain't never fetch a bone? (Get him)
Watch your tone when you try speakin' on a n*gga name (Nah, for real)
n*gga even look at n*gga wrong, we'll tap a n*gga brain (Huh?)
n*gga, uh (n*gga, uh), havin' sh*t like Wizz Havinn
Stunt on sh*t like C Stunna, four pockets filled cabbage
Tell a made-ass n*gga from the trenches, n*gga, f*ck the fame
Servin' cuddies got the block hot how I got my name
Jumpin' out the black Escalade truck like, "Where the booters at?"
I'm in the trenches, b*tch, relax, I'm where the shooters at (b*tch, I'm geeked)
Five-percent the whip and five-percent tint on my shades
I put Ricky head to toe, b*tch look like she from Himalayas
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