"Intro (Party)"

[Intro: Yamine]
Yeah, uh huh
n*gga, I got the black card, finna swipe this sh*t

[Verse 1: Yamine]
This that higher level stunting, make it rain a lot of hundreds
Gave that chick 30k just to go get rid of her stomach
I'm a triple OG n*gga 12 years and running
All my n*ggas down to ride like crash test dummies
And Y don't stand in line, I ain't never never had to wait
I'm the realest in this game, I ain't never had to fake
Forgiatos on the classic like that b*tch got on some skates
Having dinner with my mamma smelling like a pound of hay
I might blow a pound a day, smoking KK like a hippie
In the 60's with this chick, tryna give my di*k a hickey
Had to get it out the mud, no wonder why I'm filthy rich
And I'm running through this money
Like it don't mean nothing to me, I might

[Hook: Yamine]
Buy the highest bottle like it ain't nothing
b*tch I'll buy 20 bottles worth of clothes like it ain't nothing
Drop a hundred thou' like it ain't nothing
b*tch I'll go and buy a brand new car like it ain't nothing
Buy a new crib like it ain't nothing
b*tch I'll go and buy a ton of bad b*tches like it ain't nothing
Pull a hundred hoes, man it ain't nothing
When you getting money, stacks chips ain't nothing
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