Notice ain't nothin new, I've been stuck in my way
Different seeings, different views, still it all feel the same
See no way anything to move, why these n*ggas can't hang ?
They always say keep it true, why they ask me to change ?

Yeah, why they ask me to change ?
Why they ask me to change ?
Why they ask me to change ? Yeah
Why they ask me to change ?
Why they ask me to change ?

Basically, G, mommy saw me thankfully, there's gonna always be a n*gga tryna hate on me, so I keep his spray on me, for n*ggas that are trynna pray on me
I never lived in a mansion with money and expenses
I knew we had names like H on T
And then wee need the tool they taugh us on school in the world
One day you'll see my n*gga and you see they change
I can see the way they change
Knowing that they feeling like the same
They are going insane
This kind of blossom my brain
Different views, when all plain
When they stuck on my ways
n*gga got stuck in my ways
But they fly into may place
When they see the true ain't goona shine
But im moving in the game

Lady, I can see them act
When they saying what the do
Then they talk behind your back
Like it never wansn't you

Baby I can see the mess
When they saying what they do
See they changing me
Were they changing you?


I won't apologize for being me, no
Something i can't describe, only just we know
I'm starting to realize, baby, i need more
Seeing the evil
Keep my distance from the people


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