Make It Home lyrics



I be riding dolo, big ass 4-0
I don’t need nobody, b*tch I pull up trippin solo
My b*tch out of state, I won’t wife her if she local
She like it when I trip she be telling me I’m loco
Her friends say that I’m trouble when I pull up they like uh oh
Her ass come with a pudge she ain’t scared to let that gut show
My lil cuz a shooter, he my blood he a Loc though
Lately taking L after L where my luck go

Watch how I bounce back
AR 1-5 push a n*gga crop back
She got in the car said damn where the top at
If you getting money and you happy I can’t knock that
But please don’t get in my way gеt you knocked at

n*ggas didn’t see the vision now them n*ggas need mе
A lot up on my plate, I ain’t trippin though I’m greedy
n*ggas that I studied tryna find a way to be me
I can’t hold yo hand if you grown, n*ggas needy needy
Off a addy so I don’t get sleepy
This ain’t really what you want believe me
We make it look easy but I swear to god it ain’t been easy
If I f*ck up one mo time she’ll leave me
Feel like God don’t see me, cause he ain’t saying nothing back
My grandma said I had the devil in me I remember that
Cus I was hella young and it stuck, type of sh*t is that
My pops told me if they send some shots n*gga send em back ..

Cause when you’re in the streets you’re on your own
And I gotta make sure I make it home
To you .. to you .. to you ..

I pray my daughter don’t go through the sh*t I put her mother through
I pray my son don’t look at me and say I wanna be like you
And if a n*gga up it right now then he better shoot
Cause if he don’t them bullets come at you like doo-doo-doo-doo-doo
Cause if he don’t them bullets come at you like doo-doo-doo-doo-doo
Cause if he don’t then bullets come at ...
There will be
Ups and downs, smiles and frowns
Share with me
Fairy tales are make believe and I know you don’t right now but one day you’ll see
(You’ll see, you’ll see)
Said I know you don’t right now but one day you’ll see
(You’ll see, you’ll see)

When it’s the n*ggas that you love it hurt the most you know I swear to God
Tell them n*ggas no they do the most like we was never solid
I done had some real traumas
I had so much pride that I stopped talking to my real mama
Still wanna know why I be still f*ckin with lil mama
I ain’t even be for real cause If I told you what I think for real
Probably f*ck up how you think bout me for real
A lot of n*ggas hate on me for real... But I still love em
A lot of n*ggas wanna see me dead but yea we still cousins and I still love em look at that
b*tches cheated on me now I’m up they tryna double back
f*cked that b*tch and never called her back I wasn’t wrong for that
Everything these b*tches come with I send em home with that
Nothing more, nothing less
Why you talkin bout these other b*tches get it off yo chest
You know sh*t ain’t always black and white I told her ass to ref
Why did she think she f*ck with me I gotta ask the rest
Cause they all say the same sh*t, reading from the same script
Thousand reasons why these other b*tches ain’t my main b*tch
The main reason you f*ck with me ain’t the same reason she f*ck with me
Oh cause she ain't ok she can't be in love with me
Oh cus we ain’t cool no more I guess you can’t check up on me
I can do this all day, ain’t that bout a b*tch I wish you heard the sh*t that y’all say
My mama was sick a lot of you b*tches left her calls waiting
She got y’all bills paid, She got y'all bills made
I still remember that sh*t when I was a lil baby
Now I’m blowin up tryna get big like lil baby
f*ck blowin up I’m just tryna get these bills paid
f*ck showin up I’m pullin up to that b*tch real late
f*ck yo rental plug these my cars, these my real plates
Knuck if you buck, these n*ggas playin it real safe
f*ck showin love, had to show these n*ggas my real face
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