Bilal Hassani

"Tom (English Translation)"

[Verse 1]
Tom dances as if nothing could injure him
With elegance and a smile that can no longer be shunned
I admit it feels good
Cuz’ Tom is speechless
Tom is the type concealing since he’s little
Last but not least however, heart always on the sleeves
Before we had no clue
Because Tom is speechless

Tell me what you keep in your heart, I can't hear you
Tell me, it just stays between you and me
(Come in my open arms)
Tell me, fright has left your life
From now on, look in front, you can count on me

Come in my open arms
I would inquire why
I would tell you skip the taboo questions
Tonight I wanna sing your name
Come in my open arms
I’ll shout it gets better
Reminded of that little boy, who was, ignored by everyone
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