ZIAS Hit Bout It Reaction Freestyle lyrics



[Verse 1 : Lil Yachty, B-Lou, ZIAS!]
Ooh, hold on
n*gga, Glock on a toaster
That mean the Glock got a magazine
n*gga put a hole in a n*gga
Sum like a Krispy Kreme, donut
And we 'bout to get coins
Out in Vegas on the strip
Out in Vegas on the strip
n*gga talkin' real down, punch a n*gga in his lip
At my aunt's, keep clips
Extra, fully auto
Know I just f*cked on a model
Know that we poppin' them bottles
If she don't f*ck she gettin' kicked out, she know the motto
She gotta swallow

[Verse 2 : Lil Yachty, B-Lou, ZIAS!]
In my white tee
Hunnid thousand dollar chain on me
It's why they don't like me
n*ggas know my name and they know where I be
If they got a problem, want some smoke
They can see mе
It's Big Boat in the VIP
Pulled up like 50 deep
n*ggas know I - how I'm comin', how I'm bummin'
AR with a scopе
Hit his arm and his nose
Give a f*ck, we takin' hoes
Yeah we takin' b*tches
n*gga talkin' down we put 'em in the ditches
f*ck yo' b*tch make her do the dishes
We ain't kill 'em but we left 'em with a couple stitches
And we sendin' blitzes
n*gga, B-Lou pull up and I'll f*ck yo' mistress
You see this chain? he got a lot of riches

[Verse 3 : Lil Yachty, B-Lou, ZIAS!]
We'll break a b*tch back
Break a b*tch back
All my n*ggas come attack
I don't wanna comment no more, so I'll let the b*tches stack
My shootas pull up in all black
My chain cost a couple racks
I ain't got one on right now but you do
That's stacks
n*gga, I grind so hard I deserve me a plaque

[Verse 4 : Lil Yachty, B-Lou]
We ain't come to play, you n*ggas finna lay
Man, these n*ggas actin' gay
Pull up with a hunnid, it's gon' spray
We'll push his wig back, Arrogant Tae
I just stack my chips, Frito Lay
We'll leave 'em where he stay
sh*t, it's a dirty game
Oh, his chain was colorful? we made it gray
My diamonds water like the rain
My diamonds drippin' like the sink
That n*gga, is a stain
That n*gga, is a lame

[Verse 5 : Lil Yachty, B-Lou, ZIAS!]
Come this way, we don't play that
We don't play that, we don't play that
Shoutout Lil Yachty
Me and B-Lou, we go way back
My shooters they gon' spray that
We gon' push his f*ckin' wave cap, back
Back, back, back
Push his sh*t back
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