730/430 lyrics



I'm in 07, straight to 19

There's a lot of f*ckers that don't like me

I'm kicking sh*t poppin it like confetti
Lot of people thought that I wasn't ready

Took a whole year for some fake love
Lot of money had to make up

Taking no pics, f*ck on that b*tch
I cannot mix, f*ck on your clioque

730 on that 430 (hook)

Up in the clouds, made both of my parents proud

I been a sad kid, thinking of bad sh*t, need some real love no actress f*ck all your antics

I been an anime protagonist, you gotta back away, no chance in this

I felt the pain, showed them the rage, I'm always toxic up in my space
I think I lost it f*ck out my face
730 think im going insane

730 on that 430 (hook)
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