Infinity lyrics



I guess life was as crazy as it seems
Look at all these things, that are made up to believe
I don't pick sides I fight them
I ride down like lightning
Look at all these people I don't like them
Devils on my shoulder, telling me to make a choice
He's speaking in distortion there's no sequence in his voice
Let out my screams and I pause
I don't hear no applause
Only point out my flaws
Too much weight on my arms
Out of luck when I'm in my fantasy
I'm not giving up because of my family
Whеn I tally up every tragedy
I takе a good look at life and I laugh at it
I've killed what I love for selfish reasons
Cold like Kakashi, you can only hear my breathing
My mind is gone with the seasons
And the time flies without meaning
I do not like what I'm seeing x2
You think everything is infinite?
A person like me won't ever live again
You do what you do for your benefit
Maybe loves some idea that I'll never get. x2
Tokyo city's where my heart is
The rain drops on my skin as I walk along this
Dark road like a lost soul
Neon lights painting pictures like Picasso
Every light I see, is a possibility
When I walk the streets, I feel instability
And please just tell me, where the f*cks the will in me?
They're so close to killing me
There's no infinity
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