That Kid lyrics



Im that kid i told em i want it all
Im that kid
Im that kid that made a million on my own
Im that kid
Im that kid they be talking bout when theyre bored

I dont switch
I dont flip
I dont lie about no sh*t
I was full of smiles
Was but now im [?]
How you doin
How you been
Used to rappin
Thats the [?]
Cut the acting
You be cappin
Nothin you say is [?]

Im that kid
Im that kid they know i never show no love
Im that kid with all half empty cups but was never enough
Im that kid that you were saying is very young and very odd
Im that kid that has been going [?]

Whats up b*tch

I know i make it happen
I make all my [?]
Got my own religion
I dont need to f*cking fake my fame
See me doing what i [?]
Where i stay
Imma f*cking kill you all

When they see me they just say whats up
They dont wanna see that kid come up
Side by sidе watch my money go up
Im that kid im feeling lovely
Dont need a girl to love mе
I know that im above it
Now im tellign them whats up

Whats up b*tch

Im that kid
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