50 Floors In Tokyo lyrics



I've been looking, searching for a solution to everything that I've encountered so far in my life. And I feel like I've lived 60, 70, 80 years already. But one thing throughout all this time has remained constant: I'll make every dream come true

I scream I get my head adjusted
Sick of always getting lucky
Spend my seconds getting money
Wash my hands they're getting bloody
f*ck it's so addictive, every thought I have is vindictive
Trend sеtter, renaissance
Onе day I'll be dead and gone
Lived my life for lessons
My hearts intense while I write confessions
I've been shaped by my depression
Way I rise the way I fall, I direct it don't get misdirected
It's getting cold, time is passing getting old
Pull the trigger let it go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Excuse me, don't you try to come here and confuse me
Lucid, dreams in my sleep I cannot think
I'm losing all my loved ones every week
When I wake up it's just scaring me
Wonder what he's telling me
Can you make my face out with all those police sketches?
Gotta keep it confidential when it comes to these methods
What's my purpose and my meaning to you?
I can see right through you
Recollections of my memories, while I stander under the trees
Watch the highway make a gust and lift the leaves
I've been an odd kid, every second that I've breathed
One day my book will publish, I've always been up to something
I'm gunning it for Tokyo, I'm up on 50 floors
And I'm staring out the penthouse, and I'm looking at the floor
While I listen to my music, and I lift up on my soul
I'm up on 50 floors, I'm up on 50 floors, I'm up on 50 floors
I'm up on 50 floors, I'm up on 50 floors, I'm up on 50 floors, yeah
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