Pi'erre Bourne

"Rockstar Life Keep Callin'"





Phone ring like, “Hello? Copy.”
Rockstar life keep callin (callin) (oa)
Don’t want that girl she stallin (stallin) (ouu)
Bigger foreign whip, oouu, I can’t park it



Nowadays It’s feels like I’m going crazy
That girl used to call me on daily
Damn, It’s so strange how everything keep changin
Yea, that was then, But we’re in different places
Now I pull up in whip that look like spaceship
Pick up the phone, cause life is calling
Don’t want that girl cause she was stallin
Can’t pick me up, cause I be fallin
She want me, too bad she lost me
Got different hoes up in the lobby
Shawty got stuck upon my starbeam
Check my voicemail, life keep callin

***Phone ring like “Hello? Copy” (yea)
Rockstar life keep callin (callin)


Keep Callin
Keep Callin





AP & a Rollie
These f*ck n*ggas don’t me
You was not my homie
She want me, she show me
That girl tryna blow me
Must admit, So lonely
These bands keep controlling
Molly pills, keep rolling
Pop 2 more, I’m zonin
Rockstar life, kill slowly
Money never foldin

AP & A Rollie



Phone ring like, "Hello? Copy."
Rockstar life be callin', callin' (ok)
Don't want that girl she stallin', she stallin' (no way)
Bigger foreign whip ooh I can't park it (no way)
I'm from outer space, oou in a starship
Ima flood this b*tch, oou that's my target
Ten baaaaands (beat pause)
What ya say? (Ay)
Ten baaaaands
For my Chanel carpet
Haters walking cautious
Met your b*tch on stockist
AP n*gga my Rollie

(Rockstar Life Keep Callin)


AP & A Rollie**

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