Pi’erre Bourne


Lyrics from Snippet

Yo Pi'erre, what's the word?
Yeah, yeah

Baby girl what you want from me? I cannot give you company
She tell me that she like my melody, the reason why she wanna f*ck with me
Baby girl what you on? Shorty gon' hit me and ask what I got
I hit her right back, said I got a lot
Stand on ten toes, no I cannot flop
I feel like Blueface, 'cause I got the mop
He try to run, now you get wet like a mop
And I came from the bottom, your b*tch give me top
All you n*ggas is jokes, no, you feel like Chris Rock
I'm rockin' the Angels Palm on my arm, not with the bickerin' or the drama
Only the family, can't stop us-

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