Pi’erre Bourne

"Exhibit P*"

Lyrics from Snippets

[Verse 1]:
I know you still think about me (about me)
She give me brain, til' her jaws like please (like please)
In the back, of the towel, on the sheets (on the sheets)
I'm ghetto baby, I should call the housekeep (housekeep)
Put a towel by the door, & smoke this weed (smoke this weed)
Gonna roll the whole zip, I'm makin' beats (I'm makin' beats)
Pull-out game strong, yeah, I got no seeds (got no seeds)
[?] like charity, I [?]
That b*tch left me, that sh*t cut me deep (cut me deep)

I didn't wanna' lose you on P (no)
Give or take, I'ma choose my cheese (my thumb)
You could say, I'm selfish, but I'mma eat
All old friends mad at me (give a f*ck)
Y'all the ones that switched on me (switched)
I'ma be a man about it, let it go (let her go)
You a kid, dog, gettin' emotional (huh?)

Predator, predator, predator, predator
Preying on me (yeah)
Yeah, I call my momma
Told her pray for me (yeah)
Bet it up, bet it up, bet it up, bet it up, bet it on me
Bet it on P (yeah)
Bet we gon' eat
Man these fake n*ggas [?]
Talking sh*t about me, Martin and Pam
Like [?], used to be fam
[?] go ham
Kept it real with you, now you a fan
Now, I'm getting money, balling again
[?] comedian
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