George Is An Opp (Mr. Duck Diss Track) lyrics


Pi’erre Bourne

(Ay, ay, ay, ay)

George is an opp
George is an opp
You mess with the Mopp
You're gonna get popped
George is really gay
He loves giving top
Sucking di*k
He never gonna stop (ay, ay)

George and Breyan be kissing and hugging
George and Breyan be sucking and f*cking
George and Breyan be c*mming and nutting
George and Breyan always blushing (ay)

They're so gay
They're so gay
They're so gay
They're so gay, yuh

Imagine being Gеorge?
Imagine being poor?
I'm mopping thе floor
And George is a whore

He's sucking di*k and he's going crazy
George is slow like an old lady
George is gay, George is lazy
Is he sucking di*k? I don't know, maybe

George is so gay
George is a whore
This song is trash
I don't even wanna do this song no more
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