Trapped In My Mind* lyrics


Pi’erre Bourne

[?] of these b*tches want my Phone
She be Snitching, I don't want that Hoe
[?] your Mouth then you can go
They ain't f*cking with me I know
n*ggas just Stupid, He a Toad
Man my way, My Only smoke
We got Tyler in the Scope
Got the Bag In Racks In
Baby Yeah, We getting Trash Cans
Garbage Man you the man
Lame ass hell get your mans
n*gga you cap You just [?]
She [?] but I know Rihanna man
You my son [?]
This that Gas You know real [?]
Yellow Flesh she gives me Face again
Love my [?] I feel like [?]
[?] You know you can't catch me
Trapped In I'm Trapped In My Mind Yeah
What I'm gonna do can't get it all
Prayer like I answer calls
Trapped In I'm Trapped In My Mind Yeah

Yeah I always will be with my Dog on his Feet
Yeah He just came from the Yard
This Not Nas not [?]
And my n*gga trappin' Cars, They got [?] by Police
Man these n*ggas took your Chain but you didn't do a thing
She say she loves my Louis Belt these Gucci Shades a [?]
They rarely talk to themselves [?]
I'm stacking Paper,Y'all pus*y n*ggas don't gotta even Pay
Say he copped it but I know that sh*t looks better on me
I got [?] high
I got this Cheddar on me
It's the Dog in me, How I get dressin' so [?]
My condolences [?]
She calls it fourteen days Yeah
Because a n*gga two week
[?] got you running back to me
Now we on Crack, We got Black
Magic Smack DVD
I know they inspired that's why they gonna still Watch me
I'm on the top of the [?] pass it to me
Watch what I do with it as a Referee
[?] Imma Bust a [?]
I got my Stripes but I wear Nikes
We had Dogfood on the Flight
Big Bank [?] Who is he?
You ain't know man, Boy that's P
I ain't even in the Streets
Man I was so in the Street
Yeah, That hoe in the sheets
With the hoe in the Street
This [?] b*tch wanna Rap now
Cap in this b*tch like Bow Wow
Ain't making no move Like Shotgun
Posting in the Hood, Star One
Yeah, right there by the Patrol
I used to cop me a [?]
Papers in [?]
Don't got no Backwoods
Tell the Plug I.O
You ain't from my hood
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