Pi’erre Bourne

[Lyrics from snippet 1]
Ooo, ooo, ooo
F10, wanna [?] sex
Neat freak [?] on the [?] aye
Eat eat, f*ck her till she sleep sleep
Gotta [?] before I eat eat
Imma big [?] I [?]
Neat freak, [?] flash
Neat freak, but I like to c*m on her cheeks
Neat freak, she keep a purse full a vaseline
Lean, geek, big, bloody, freak
I got a [?] from God
All of us living so large
Why you n*ggas acting
Milli, on a watch, Hunnid rocks, In the spot
Head to Dubai, why not
You be with the opps, why not
I love her...

[Lyrics from snippet 2]
Whipper, tripper, flipper
[?] rug, [?]
Hydrogen car, got a charger, viller
Killer, dealer, Cartiеr the
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