Pull Up (Bonnie Clyde) lyrics


Pi’erre Bourne

Yeah, Two Twin Glocks right by my side
Bonnie Clyde, if you wanna die
We gon' slide
Choppa finna fly
Its alright
b*tch I'm feelin fly
I'm alright
Perkies make me fine
Who am I? Lying all the time
Count my dough up, 40. finna shine
Yeah we blow up, 40. make him whine
Yeah, Sip wok all the time
Yeah, Rollie check the time
Sippin' wok while I'm on FaceTime
Me and squad finna' pull up in a bently
Bad b*tch wanna f*ck me
Yeah she so disgusting
Yeah b*tch I'm a drug fiend

Lil Uzi Plotting, Yeah Yeah
Pull up in a rari, Yeah Yeah
Uzi so disgusting, Yeah Yeah
Me and gang discussing, all our plans
Pull up and we fronting, um yeah
Yeah my choppa' gon' sting, Uh yeah
Two Twin Glocks right by my side
Call em' Bonnie Clyde
If you wanna die yeah you know my n*ggas ride
And it fly
Choppa finna' fly
Bentley ride
No one by my side
Lotti, Yeah I don't know why
Wanted her valentine, Yeah
So you know i changed my mind, Yeah
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