Kyle Exum

"The Family Rap"

[Producer Tag]
Abu Vibes

[Verse 1: Kyle and Teacher]
We're done with school now, can chill and cool out
But y'all still got that homework
Nothing I'mma do now
I could finally go out, might just make a move now
Okay, or just go chill out by the pool house
I'mma be fine, dang I've got time
No assignments that I've got sitting up on my mind
Matter fact, I might just spend the day on Fortnite
Cop a new skin and play that thing for like four nights

[Verse 2: Kyle, Dad, and Mom]
Dang, I'm hungry, I hope Mama made some chicken
She 'bout to be chillin' cause I did all of the dishes
Even got a Netflix series that I've got to finish
Might just play some Drizzy just to get up In My Feelings
Shoot, I might just go to the beach
Where you gon' go on E?
...or get a job and get myself some gas money
Or get the hookup from the fam, they love me
Don't even ask, you better get that job at Chuck E. Cheese

[Verse 3: Kyle and Mom]
It's all good, I'mma just enjoy this break right now
There's not a wrong move that I can make right now
Matter fact, this the summer that I'm gon' work out
Right after the nap I'm 'boutta take right now
But I'mma take my time, or might go on a vacay
No more points off for not indenting essays
But I'm still passing so I think I've done enough
School's out, it's just the fam so I can chill for once
Oh you thought that I was playing, huh?
You must not have listened to a word that I've been saying, huh?
Said you ain't lazy, huh, but you're playing these games at home
Boy you're thinking I'm playing, huh?
Guess it isn't your day then, huh?
Do I look like a sample? Cause you keep trying me

I did the dishes!
Then what's this? Boy don't try to lie to me
Since you can't do it right I guess I'll do it all myself

So you just not gon' offer to come and help?
You never come to do your chores but you can come complain to me?
Watch that attitude

But I-
I knew what you're gon' say to me!
Maybe you'd do this right if you weren't always on that phone

You're on yours right now
Hey quit watching me and go watch your tone
Old enough to contribute 'round here, you're almost grown
Aye, it's past your curfew

Mom, it's six
Well, you're too young to go
The house still dirty? You have a day to get to it

Mom, you never told me to
Shouldn't have to ask you to do it
You should know with these excuses
Keep on growing, all this backtalk better slow
And see my roof head, you're below it
So my rules you gon' follow it

Mom, I was at school
Do I look like I care?
How you got time for that phone but not time to come clean in here?
Like I ain't got stuff to do, don't give me no attitude
This world don't revolve around you
I carried you for nine months, cleaning this the least you could do
Don't forget who bought you those shoes
You know what? Go sweep up the roof

Because I told you to!

[Verse 5: Kyle and Dad]
Oh thank you dad
Guess what came in the mail today?
After we raised you the least that you could do is raise your grades
This little bit of work, well I can do it easy

Well then, can you help?
Of cou- uhhh, you shouldn't need me
You should be busy working but you're on that phone Chatsnapping

Timmy does it too!
Oh, I'm talking to you, don't get distracted
How you quiet in class but always got something to say?
Aye, boy, roll them again, you know that I don't play those games

[Verse 6: Kyle, Timmy, and Mom]
Oh my-, I'm leaving
Mom said that you gotta take me too
What? Bro it's too late
Mom, Kyle said he's not listening to you
Come on, bro, relax
Maybe I'd chill if I could use your phone
It's not my fault, it broke on its own!
Okay, you know what, I'm done playing these games with you
At least I didn't fail lunch and hide my grade right after school
Oh, it's okay, I'm not mad, don't you walk-
Just come here for a second, Kyle, I just want to talk, boy come here!

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